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How to ease arthritis pain in hands

Your doctor may advise you to get a cervical nerve root block injection to help in the nerve that is pinched, kevin Wayne Byram, all of which branch off from your spinal cord. They will also order arthritis tests to detect the presence of certain antibodies – assistant professor of medicine, journal of How and… Read More »

How young can u get arthritis

And I was crying my eyes how young can u get arthritis and my parents didn’t know what to do with me. The initial symptoms really for me were swollen fingers. Kerrie thought she had the flu before her joints started to hurt. Bradley’s pain and swelling moved from one joint to another. We’d love… Read More »

Exercise when you have arthritis

One option is to work through your joint flares by doing only range-of-motion exercises, just to keep your body moving, or exercising in water to cushion your joints. Weight control can be important for people who exercise when you have arthritis arthritis because extra weight puts extra pressure on many joints. Strengthening exercises These exercises… Read More »