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Harvard researchers find ways to improve on soap and water

GAZETTE: So the technology involved here — the engineered water nanostructures — is a couple of years old. What’s new is the application? DEMOKRITOU: We have the tools to make these engineered nanomaterials and, in this particular case, we can take water and turn it into an engineered water nanoparticle, which carries its deadly payload, primarily… Read More »

Study finds Google system could improve breast cancer detection

CHICAGO (Reuters) – A Google artificial intelligence system proved as good as expert radiologists at detecting which women had breast cancer based on screening mammograms and showed promise at reducing errors, researchers in the United States and Britain reported. A yellow box indicates where an artificial intelligence (AI) system found cancer hiding inside breast tissue,… Read More »

How to improve vitamin b12

What Is the Normal Intramuscular Dose of Vitamin B12? Discuss using supplements if food sources aren’t enough. Since vitamin B12 comes primarily from animal products, vegetarians and vegans who are strict on their diets need how to improve vitamin b12 find another source of the vitamin. They can also interfere with vitamin B12 supplements and… Read More »

How to improve acne in a week

Even if your skin has not cleared up entirely, if you only have one week to clear your skin of blemishes, my face is so sensitive that when I apply a face powder I will get pimples the next day. This article helped me, leaving your face much smoother than before. Give your skin regular… Read More »