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Helping Teenagers With Menstrual Pain

Period-related pain, medically known as dysmenorrhea, colloquially often called “cramps,” should not prevent an adolescent from participating fully in school, in sports, in social life. If that’s happening on a regular basis, she needs evaluation and help and support — from her family, and from the medical profession. “Painful periods can be very debilitating; I’ve… Read More »

Chest pain and leg pain: Are they connected?

Leg pain and chest pain do not typically occur together. However, there is a connection between leg pain and heart health, so a person may experience both of these symptoms at the same time. If a person is experiencing chest pain, they should seek medical attention immediately as it may indicate a heart attack. In… Read More »

Causes of right shoulder and arm pain

There are several reasons that a person might experience pain in their right shoulder and arm. In many cases, the pain will occur as a result of muscle overuse or injury. Pain can also result from damage to the nerves in that area. Shoulder pain is the third leading muscle and bone complaint in the… Read More »

When i pain relief uk

Not only does the ointment start killing germsbut it also contains pramoxine hydrochloride, which offers pain relief. When i pain relief uk your GP for advice and a referral, or read this article on getting access to counselling. Share your story about pain It can help to talk to someone else who has experienced similar… Read More »