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Amid coronavirus scare, US colleges cancel study abroad programs

In the face of a global health emergency, thousands of U.S. college students studying abroad are scrambling. As the coronavirus spreads through northern Italy, some schools, including Syracuse University and New York University, announced they were closing their campuses in Florence immediately. “We have urged students to leave Florence for this period,“ NYU Spokesman John… Read More »

Case Study: My Experience With

Best House Party Ideas This website indicates that majority of the students who join campus are always excited by the freedom they get by living on their own. The learners will enjoy the weekends parties in the homes. It might be tricky to set a college party. There are various measures that you will use… Read More »

HIV PrEP could also lead to big reductions in gonorrhoea, Dutch study finds

A PrEP programme targeting 5% of gay and bisexual men in the Netherlands would not only cause big reductions in HIV incidence, but would lead to even greater reductions in gonorrhoea. In the ’base case’ of the model, gonorrhoea would almost be almost eliminated, with 2027 only having 3% of the infections seen in 2018, the… Read More »

Health care spending decreases under single-payer systems: Study – ABC News

It’s been a persistent question on the campaign trail and during debates, whenever presidential hopefuls Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., tout their respective Medicare for all plans: How much is this going to cost? The Warren campaign priced her plan at an eye-popping $ 52 trillion over the next decade. Sanders’… Read More »