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How long will it take to burn off these calories?: The controversial next step in nutrition labeling

According to scientists, Brits consume, on average, 6,000 calories on Christmas Day alone. So, in an experiment published last year in the British Medical Journal, U.K. researchers explored whether providing people with the amount of exercise required to burn off the calories in, say, a single piece of mincemeat pie (21 minutes of running) or… Read More »

When to take herbal tea

If you don’t know how much water your teapot or teacup holds, you can first pour the boiling water into a liquid measuring cup before adding it to when to take herbal tea tea. This recipe from Wellness Mama is said to be both calming and to soothe stomach aches and other digestive problems. Is… Read More »

Why take levitra jelly

There are three main types of German four-wheeled armored car, the Sd. Fire control equipment includes one elevation telescope, one azimuth telescope, a Le Prieur-Bofors ballistic corrector, sights, data receivers, and a why take levitra jelly setter. The receiver is of high quality machining. The projecile is unusual in that the forward bearing surface acts… Read More »