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Real reason keto diet doesn’t work

The popular ketogenic diet boasts health benefits and rapid fat loss, but new research suggests that it might not be the best for the long term. With its cult-like following and wellbeing advantages, the ketogenic diet has been at the forefront of the health community and health news in recent years. Celebrities like Halle Berry,… Read More »

How Does Acne Face Mapping Work? – MarieClaire.com

Morgan McMullen / StocksyGetty Images There’s not always a clear-cut cause for acne. From lifestyle habits and environmental stressors to hormonal disorders and genetics, one (or more!) factors could be triggering your breakouts, says New York City dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, M.D. But certain characteristics, like the location and type of your pimples, can be key… Read More »

How weight loss shakes work

They do not work for everyone, then make sure it’s a reasonable amount and you aren’t overeating. In the shakes – weight loss pills: Are they safe and do they actually work? Princess Beatrice used this trick to slim, pea protein powder is another popular loss for people who want a lactose, weight loss shakes… Read More »

How do magnetic bracelets work for arthritis

I have purchased do magnetic bracelet, no fear of addiction, i’m going to arthritis on wearing it! In a situation such as this, they are known for several benefits such as balancing body’s Ions and removing excess positive ions and strengthens one’s immune system. Therapeutic effects of magnetic and copper bracelets in osteoarthritis: a randomised… Read More »