Mum rakes in $50k for COVID-killing spray

A NSW mum has raked in more than $ 50,000 after inventing a COVID-19 killing spray that sold out in less than six hours. Southern Highlands mother of four Sophie Westlake used her science background to kickstart an all-Australian-made coronavirus killing disinfectant known as Virosol after coming to the realisation there was a lack of… Read More »

Glasgow outreach service shows the feasibility of PrEP for people who inject drugs

A proactive, outreach-based service for people who inject drugs has successfully delivered the HIV prevention medication PrEP in the midst of Glasgow’s HIV outbreak, Dr Ceilidh Grimshaw of Sandyford told the virtual British HIV Association conference this week. Very few PrEP programmes for people who inject drugs have reported results and ongoing engagement with healthcare… Read More »

Mayo clinic diet for heart disease

You may have heard the phrase “you are what you eat. Foods high in saturated fats or sodium can lead to obesity, high blood pressure or high cholesterol — all risk factors for heart disease. Vegetables and fruits are good sources of vitamins and minerals. They also are low in calories, rich in dietary fiber… Read More »