Saturated fats bad keto diet?

Olive oil is great for light sauteing, using in dressings, or drizzling over diet? meats or vegetables as a finishing oil. With so much fat keto metabolize, the diet could make saturated existing liver conditions worse. This is because they only have single-bonded bad, which makes them more resistant to bxd and damage caused by… Read More »

Fat free cheese on mediterranean diet

December 11, Thousands of Australians can take heart as new research from the University of South Australia shows a dairy-enhanced Mediterranean diet will significantly increase health outcomes for those at risk of cardiovascular disease — and it’s even more effective than a low-fat diet. Cardiovascular disease is the single leading cause of death in Australia,… Read More »

New Drug, Ofatumumab, May Beat Older One at Preventing MS Relapse

WEDNESDAY, Aug. 5, 2020 — A new injection drug can prevent multiple sclerosis flare-ups better than an existing medication, a clinical trial has found. The drug, called ofatumumab, beat a standard MS medication in reducing patients’ symptom relapses. It also slowed down the progression of their disability over six months. The researchers said the findings,… Read More »

Returning to a regular diet afte keto

Diets such as keto are meant to be a change in your way of eating that you can stick with for life. Since you’ve been following a high-fat diet, you may need to review the appropriate serving sizes for protein, carbs, and fats so you don’t overdo it,” Hughes said. You also might not! Photo… Read More »