Hospitals likely upcoding severity levels for Medicare patients, OIG says

Dive Brief: A new report by the HHS Office of Inspector General indicated that inpatient hospital stays have become more expensive to the Medicare program, even before the COVID-19 pandemic began to severely disrupt the U.S. healthcare system a year ago. HHS OIG analyzed Medicare Part A claims for inpatient stays from fiscal year 2014… Read More »

Outdoor styling simplified

While another summer may have come and gone, autumn is also a gorgeous season to spend outside in Australia; the sun has lost the sting in its tail and changing colours displayed by Mother Nature lure us to continue spending time in our outdoor spaces. If your yard’s looking a little lacklustre, there are simple… Read More »

Model contestant’s Amazing Race attitude

“Never give up” may sound like a pretty bog-standard motto to live life by but it’s also a pretty good one to have up your sleeve when you’re tearing around the country for a series of increasingly difficult and exhausting challenges. Gold Coast-based model Amanda Blanks, along with teammate and bestie Ashleigh Lawrence, knows all… Read More »