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The WandaVision Episode 7 Post-Credits Scene, Explained

The following story contains spoilers for WandaVision Episode 7. WandaVision Episode 7 featured the show’s first post-credits scene—a Marvel Cinematic Universe signature. The scene was certainly welcomed. But it asks a lot of questions and gives very little answers. Mostly, we’re just excited for next week. But here’s a stab at what all went down.… Read More »

Collagen Peptides Are Popular But Full of BS

WHY ARE COLLAGEN peptides everywhere? These proteins now come in shake, powder, and even coffee-creamer (!) forms. They have popularity going for them—but what about the science? Here’s what collagen peptide supplements claim: As you age, your body loses its ability to produce collagen, which provides structure to your bones and connective tissue—skin, cartilage, and… Read More »

3 Stretches for Better Posture

It is important to maintain good posture. Good posture includes the way we sit stand and walk, it affects our health and mood. Good posture means training the body to stand, sit, lie, or walk in positions that will not over strain the muscles and ligaments during movement or rigorous activities. While we focus on… Read More »

Running Calorie Calculator

Interval training burns more calories than steady paced moderate intensity exercises A review of studies has suggested that a mixture of various types of intense exercises interrupted with brief recovery periods can help individuals lose more weight compared to steady paced activity on an exercise bike or treadmill. Data was examined from 41 studies in… Read More »