Glasgow outreach service shows the feasibility of PrEP for people who inject drugs

A proactive, outreach-based service for people who inject drugs has successfully delivered the HIV prevention medication PrEP in the midst of Glasgow’s HIV outbreak, Dr Ceilidh Grimshaw of Sandyford told the virtual British HIV Association conference this week. Very few PrEP programmes for people who inject drugs have reported results and ongoing engagement with healthcare… Read More »

Mayo clinic diet for heart disease

You may have heard the phrase “you are what you eat. Foods high in saturated fats or sodium can lead to obesity, high blood pressure or high cholesterol — all risk factors for heart disease. Vegetables and fruits are good sources of vitamins and minerals. They also are low in calories, rich in dietary fiber… Read More »

Aip diet foods at the grocery store

Do your best to avoid diced frozen mango from Wal-mart. I really like Divina Kalamata purchasing the Dirty Dozen non-organic. My niece introduced me to Spread. This list of AIP snacks and the taste can be to evolve over time as neat. But vinegar is very acidic. Diced watermelon. Jyssica on May 22, at am.… Read More »

Cleveland Clinic Identifies Melatonin as COVID-19 Treatment

Melatonin is a hormone synthesized in your pineal gland and many other organs.1 While it is most well-known as a natural sleep regulator, it also has many other important functions.2 For example, melatonin: Is a potent antioxidant3 with the rare ability to enter your mitochondria,4 where it helps “prevent mitochondrial impairment, energy failure and apoptosis… Read More »

Sharyl Attkisson on Media Bias

Sharyl Attkisson is an award-winning investigative journalist with uncompromising integrity. Her latest book, “Slanted: How the News Media Taught Us to Love Censorship and Hate Journalism,” is scheduled for release right around Thanksgiving, November 24, 2020. In this, her third book, she addresses one of the most pressing issues of our time: media bias and… Read More »