No more finger pricks: A continuous glucose monitor benefits patients with diabetes in more ways than one

A 15-center study of 175 patients with poorly controlled type 2 diabetes in JAMA found that continuous glucose monitoring, compared to blood glucose meter monitoring, or finger pricking, significantly decreased their hemoglobin A1C over eight months (-1.1% versus -0.16%, respectively.) Although the benefits of continuous glucose monitoring for patients with diabetes has been demonstrated before,… Read More »

Best Mushrooms for Your Active Lifestyle

One of the best foods you can incorporate into your active lifestyle is fungi. Mushrooms have been widely used in both cooking and traditional medicine for thousands of years. Extremely common in various soups and sauces, as well as in countless meat, cheese, fish, and veggie dishes, most people are familiar with mushrooms. Chefs utilize… Read More »

Why doctors can’t rest [PODCAST]

“I think doctors are just wired that way. We are productive. We get things done. It is expected. We are supposed to do more, do it all, and be all the things to all the people. We come to a point where we try to satisfy this, and then we cannot do enough for ourselves.… Read More »