How to Reduce Inflammation in the Body

How to Reduce Inflammation in the Body How to Reduce Inflammation in the Body : Inflammation is the body’s process of responding to pathogens that intrude on everyday functioning, such as viruses, bacteria, infections, and fungi. When a foreign organism enters the body, the white blood cells are immediately deployed to a specific location. It forms… Read More »

COVID-19 myths that refuse to die, from undue concern about children to variants and vaccines

Breadcrumb Trail Links News Health Canada The pandemic was never a danger to children Author of the article: Tristin Hopper Publishing date: Jul 22, 2021  •  1 day ago  •  5 minute read  •  224 Comments July 6 photo of children at a playground in Philadelphia. Photo by REUTERS/Hannah Beier Article content If you’re reading this… Read More »

Rich people ‘suffering’ as Hamptons businesses can’t find summer labor

This summer, the Hamptons’ wealthy seasonal residents are learning a new word: “No.” Pity the nicely dressed gentleman who walked into Xavier Merat’s chic Salon Xavier last week and asked for a manicure to go along with his haircut. He was told — gasp — that it was impossible. “He asked countless times before he… Read More »

#Healthin2Point00, Episode 224 | b.well, Quit Genius,, Sweetch, Kno2, and HealthifyMe

Health in 2 Point 00 Jul 23, 2021• Today on Health in 2 Point 00, Jess and I chat about the staggering medical debt in this country before diving into some more health tech deals. First up on Episode 224, personal health record company b.well Connected Health raises $ 32 million, bringing their total to… Read More »