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High protein diet for alcohol

Minor problem: alcohol is toxic. Screw moderation. You want to get hammered without ruining your physique. I understand. In science, moderate drinking is commonly defined as 2 drinks per day as a man or just 1 as a woman. Your body has a completely different reaction to 14 drinks in one evening compared to 2… Read More »

Could CBD help you drink less alcohol?

We’re drinking more alcohol than ever, despite social restrictions. But the new soberista crowd are now looking to CBD to take the edge off their nerves with no hangovers In a surprise to precisely no one, Brits are drinking more in lock down. Pubs and bars may be closed across the country, but that hasn’t… Read More »

Problems with alcohol? 29 gene variants may explain why

By Bill Hathaway A genome-wide analysis of more than 435,000 people has identified 29 genetic variants linked to problematic drinking, researchers at Yale University School of Medicine and colleagues report May 25 in the journal Nature Neuroscience. “The new data triple the number of known genetic risk loci associated with problematic alcohol use,” said Yale’s Joel… Read More »

Why diazepam for alcohol withdrawal

However, it is feasible only in relatively stable patients and requires periodic monitoring of the withdrawal severity by trained personnel. Refractory DT A review by Hack et al. In most cases, it is secondary to a general medical condition causing disturbance in the basic functions of the brain. Further search for books, monographs and articles… Read More »