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Coronavirus symptoms: ‘Electric’ and ‘fizzing’ sensation on skin could indicate COVID-19

Skin complications have often been reported in COVID-19 patients with sufferers reporting a range of issues including COVID toes, rashes and lesions. Feeling as though an electric shock is running through your body and along the skin is another unusual skin symptom to be aware of and may indicate a COVID-19 infection. What the experts… Read More »

Hong Kong biotech firm says its 30-minute coronavirus tests are ‘comparable’ to the ‘gold standard’

SINGAPORE — Fast and accurate coronavirus tests have become a reality, according to genetic testing firm Prenetics. The Hong Kong-based company last week told CNBC that the accuracy of its rapid coronavirus tests is comparable to the “gold standard” of PCR testing. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests have been widely used to detect coronavirus infections… Read More »

NJ governor hopes to use a ‘scalpel’ to deal with coronavirus hot spots not another broad shutdown

New Jersey Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy said Thursday on CNBC he hopes to avoid broad economic lockdowns to deal with rising coronavirus cases in the state and the nation. “I think we’re less likely, and please God that this is the case, we’re less likely to use blunt instruments we used in March and April… Read More »

Bill Gates says U.S. coronavirus testing is still ‘truly a sad thing’

Bill Gates CNBC It’s “truly a sad thing” that the United States has still not organized coronavirus testing to make it more available and to hasten the time it takes to get results, Microsoft co-founder and global health philanthropist Bill Gates said Tuesday. Some countries were able to bring their coronavirus outbreaks under control through effective… Read More »