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The Coronavirus Infected Hundreds at a Georgia Summer Camp

As schools and universities plan for the new academic year, and administrators grapple with complex questions about how to keep young people safe, a new report about a coronavirus outbreak at a sleepaway camp in Georgia provides fresh reasons for concern. The camp implemented several precautionary measures against the virus, but stopped short of requiring… Read More »

US coronavirus death toll exceeds 150K

The number of coronavirus-related deaths in the United States surpassed 150,000 Wednesday, and several states broke single-day records for new deaths. At least 150,034 people in the U.S. have died due to COVID-19, according to Johns Hopkins University data. The U.S. reports nearly 1,000 deaths on average each day, but in the past 24 hours… Read More »

Arthritis anti-inflammatory treatment could halt immune system ‘storm’ to coronavirus

Could an arthritis drug be a breakthrough treatment for Covid? Doctors say anti-inflammatory treatment could halt the immune system ‘storm’ responsible for killing thousands Doctors say anti-inflammatory treatment tocilizumab could save lives It could be used to halt the immune system ‘storm’ that has killed thousands If successful, it would only be second drug proven to… Read More »