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Plant based diet caloric restriction

Some recent research is supporting the to us obvious conclusion that a plant-based diet is superior to other methods of obesity and cancer prevention. Why is this information important? As it dawns on researchers to include a vegan component in their dietary studies, we see more and more conclusions such as this. Frankly, I would… Read More »

Bmj low carb diet

Ghrelin was significantly lower in participants assigned to the low carbohydrate diet compared with those assigned to the high carbohydrate diet both analyses. Regardless of the specific mechanisms involved, the study shows that dietary quality can affect energy expenditure independently of body weight, a phenomenon that could be key to obesity treatment, as recently reviewed.… Read More »

90 year old woman drinking diet coke

Mark Steel. The combination of caffeine and aspartame creates a short addictive high similar in the way cocaine works. Miguel Delaney. Care home residents can finally be reunited with ONE of their loved ones as Matt Hancock lifts ban on visits Please try again, the name must be unique Only letters and numbers accepted. If… Read More »