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Lessons from a pandemic

The initial surge of COVID-19 patients in Boston-area hospitals has passed, but the memories of caring for them will forever remain with physicians involved in that care. We asked seven physician-scientists from the Broad Institute, who are also Harvard Medical School instructors, to talk about what they learned from their time helping COVID-19 patients, and… Read More »

National Junk Food Day 2020: From Pizza, Hamburgers to Gyros, Popular Junk Food From Around The World You Just Cannot Say NO To!

Happy National Junk Food Day! It’s time to get all the pizzas, burgers, fries on the table and savour in them together. Although it may not be a healthy choice to make, to chomp down on all of them together. July 21 is marked as the National Junk Food Day in the US. Now the… Read More »

The Median Hospital Charge In the U.S. for COVID-19 Care Ranges From $34-45K

The median charge for hospitalizing a patient with COVID-19 ranged from $ 34,662 for people 23 to 30, and $ 45,683 for people between 51 and 60 years of age, according to FAIR Health’s research brief, Key Characteristics of COVID-19 Patients published July 14th, 2020. FAIR Health based these numbers on private insurance claims associated with… Read More »