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Blood pressure chart: What is a healthy range? 8 signs your blood pressure is too high

Blood pressure, when too high, is often related to unhealthy lifestyle habits like drinking too much alcohol, smoking cigarettes, eating unhealthy foods, being overweight and not doing enough physical exercise. When it’s left untreated, high blood pressure can seriously drive up your risk of developing numerous long-term health conditions, like coronary heart disease and kidney… Read More »

How to live longer: Five ways HIIT can help your heart – including lowering blood pressure

“Studies have also repeatedly shown that HIIT is the best form of exercise if you are trying to lower your blood pressure, more so than traditional cardio which has been found to have a much lower effect.” Manage stress levels Day-to-day life can be a stressful occurrence for many, and this stress can come in… Read More »

Can Mouthwash Raise Your Blood Pressure?

You’re probably aware that the bacteria in your gut play an integral role in your health, affecting everything from heart health to brain function. It’s not only gut bacteria that matter, however, as bacteria elsewhere on and in your body are also important, including those in your mouth. Unfortunately, people have long been advised by… Read More »

Nih high blood pressure diet

The researcher also will discuss new, user-friendly consumer materials that encourage more people to follow this heart-healthy diet. It focuses on reducing sodium and limits foods that are high in saturated fat—including fatty meats, full-fat dairy products, and tropical oils—as well as limiting sweets and sugar-sweetened beverages. The eating plan is aimed, in part, at… Read More »