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TCG welcomes new member Goldman Sachs as it focuses on FinTech security for the first time

Beaverton, OR, USA, February 22, 2021 – Trusted Computing Group (TCG) has today announced its commitment to strengthening the financial services industry against attack, as worldwide banking institution, Goldman Sachs, joins TCG in the fight for cybersecurity. In a first for TCG, the organization will now expand its focus to include the fast-moving innovation of… Read More »

A journey from security guard to nurse, and why nurses don’t get the credit they deserve [PODCAST]

The Podcast by KevinMD | Podcast | September 4, 2020 “The pharmacy department plays a vital role in hospitals. They prepare and dispense medications. Sometimes the pharmacist will receive an order from the doctor on a med whose written dosage he is not sure of. In some cases, the pharmacist will call the nurse in… Read More »

Staying Grounded When Security Is Gone

Many spiritual teachers spend a lot of time talking about the fear of death as a our biggest source of existential anxiety. Even psychologists have spoken about death anxiety for a long time and tie extreme anxiety disorders to a potential fear of death and dying. For the most of us, however, fear of death… Read More »