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Vaccines may arrive in record time, but the virus has been faster

Scientists have created candidate vaccines, which eventually could protect billions of people from COVID-19, with astonishing speed, compressing scientific efforts that usually take years into months. But the leader of a key drug trial said Tuesday that the blistering research pace has nonetheless been too slow to catch the coronavirus. “We are now five months… Read More »

Coronavirus as a Reminder of the Urgency of Getting Your Vaccines

While the new coronavirus, against which there is currently no vaccine, causes global economic chaos, illness and death, there are other serious infections that are too often ignored or dismissed. Experts say that, before the disruptions caused by Covid-19, most American parents were diligent about keeping their kids’ immunizations up-to-date, but too many others have… Read More »

What vaccines can cause diabetes

Get independent news alerts on natural cures, download the free 440 page, while vaccinated individuals who tend to produce higher than normal levels of cortisol are more prone to develop type 2 diabetes. Bartholomew Classen of Classen Immunotherapies and David Carey Classen of the University of Utah compared more than 100, this time looking only… Read More »