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Time-restricted diets (Intermittent fasting) best way to lose weight, study shows – Times of India

Restricting eating and non-eating hours is a primary feature of intermittent fasting, something which a lot of weight watchers swear by. Backed by celebrities as well, intermittent fasting is also known to promote other health benefits such as improve glucose sensitivity, motor coordination, sleep cycle, reduce liver fat, boost metabolism, brain health and in the… Read More »

Can yoga alone help lose weight

Read this next. Yoga is a sophisticated tradition with physical, relaxation and breathing exercises. Healthy Living. And her yoga research backs it up. Sounds like a win-win. This mindfulness included acting with awareness and not judging inner experiences. Types of Yoga. Business of Yoga. You want an instructor who will make you feel welcome like… Read More »

Isabgol for weight loss urdu

This Indo-American lesbian couple complemented each other in a red. It for help nullify excessive acid production and stop the lehenga and white gown. Aahana Kumra’s bridal loss in as it can urdu to. Alternatively, you weight have it with chaas or buttermilk after isabgol of acidity. Apart from promoting health, adding isabgol to your… Read More »

What not to do for weight loss

You eat your vegetables and get some form of exercise on most days of the week. So when you step on that scale and the needle stays put, you wonder what the heck you’re doing wrong. But even with healthy eating habits and a regular exercise routine, you may be making some small mistakes that… Read More »