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Food to eat when erectile dysfunction

Eating healthy foods reduces your risk of common vascular problems caused by high cholesterol, high blood sugar, high triglyceride levels, foo being overweight. Switch out some of the meat in your meals for heart-healthy alternatives like plant sources of protein food fatty fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Related Story. Just add lube and masturbate… Read More »

When can you do yoga when pregnant

NHS Choices. Does exercise cause premature birth? I am past 12 weeks. See all in Pregnancy. As long as you feel comfortable and you have no medical issues in pregnancy, you can carry on exercising right up until your baby is born. Really, any mini-twist that keeps your belly and heart open are safe, as… Read More »

Muscle pain when turning head

Girolamo1 mentioned pillows and I agree this is very important. This may help relieve swelling, relax muscles, and reduce pain. Symptoms do not improve. Pain from an injury may be sudden and severe. Over time, these discs become less flexible. Your neck and back are made up of small bones called vertebrae. These are stacked… Read More »

When did chlamydia come

How do you get chlamydia? You are more likely to get it if you don’t consistently use a condom, or if you have multiple partners. Chapter 2, Natural history and epidemiology of Chlamydia trachomatis. Any sexually active person can be infected with chlamydia. You may get a one-time dose of the antibiotics, or you may… Read More »